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We employ you on your employer’s behalf and take care of everything related to your employment.

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  • We got you GoGlobalKeep you and your HQ compliant
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is my ultimate employer?
    Your ultimate employer is the company that manages your day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Why do employers use this service?
    Generally, employers have not set up a legal entity and want to see if there is a business opportunity in country before fully committing to it.
  • Who is GoGlobal?
    We provide Professional Employer Organization (PEO) / Employer of Record (EOR) services globally. We serve as a local extension of your ultimate employer’s HR so they can focus on their core business activities.
  • Why is GoGlobal used?
    In order for you to work compliantly, a local legal entity is required. Since your ultimate employer does not have a legal entity in your country, GoGlobal acts as an Employer of Record to ensure a compliant employment.
  • What is GoGlobal’s role as an employer of record?
    Other than taking care of your payroll, tax and social security payments, we have local staff to ensure you are informed of local labor laws, regulations, and business practices.
  • Is it compliant?
    Yes, we make sure that required legal procedures are carried out for local tax and social security systems. However, there might be issues specific to each situation, in which case it is recommended that our clients obtain necessary legal advice.
  • Will I always be employed under GoGlobal as long as I work for my current ultimate employer?
    Hopefully, your ultimate employer’s business will continue to grow and reach the point where it requires a company setup. By then, you’ll be employed under their local entity.
  • How does it look on my resume?
    Similarly to any other job, you will list your responsibilities under your ultimate employer.
  • What business card do I use?
    You will use the business card provided by your ultimate employer.

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