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  • Client just completed a US$ 2.0B acquisition of a major manufacturing brand.
  • Many employees were left without a home after acquisition as client did not have a legal entity in some countries.
  • If employees were not transitioned in time, many would lose their jobs.
GoGlobal Solution
  • GoGlobal worked with Tower’s Watson and Deloitte to take a total compensation approach and transitioned employees to key entities in Asia Pacific at the same compensation level or better.
  • GoGlobal worked directly with employees affected in the transition to complete in a timely manner.
  • GoGlobal also explained to end client the nuances of HR in Asian jurisdictions.
GoGlobal Results
  • Employees were on-boarded on time in a compliant manner with 100% retention of staff. A total of 3 weeks from initial contact to on-boarding was complete.
  • GoGlobal continues to function as a de-facto HR function working with employees locally and the global HQ in the US.

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