Doing Business in China with Importer/Exporter of Record Solutions

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The Complexities of Importing and Exporting with China

With our licensing, legal infrastructure and expertise, as well as our on-the-ground team in China, we can help companies navigate the complexities of importing and exporting a variety of consumer products.

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Operating in China provides many opportunities including access to millions of consumers, but doing business in China is complex

Conducting in-depth market research required to understand the unique Chinese market

Investing in the lengthy process required to set up an entity, recruit and hire local talent

Finding trustworthy distributors or e-commerce partners

Managing service providers providing handling and logistics fulfillment

Staying compliant with China’s complex tax rules and F/X control policies

How GoGlobal Helps

  • Licenses to help distribute your products and services within China with our Importer of Record Services
  • Network to help you procure and export products out of China with our Exporter of Records Services
  • Legal framework to navigate monetary regulations in China
  • Expertise to ensure all work is done efficiently, compliantly and cost-effectively

You Keep Your IP and Process – We Support You Every Step of the Way

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How GoGlobal Importer/Exporter of Record Solutions Work

Leverage Our Infrastructure to Sell in China

Market Entry Research

  • Understanding clients’ needs
  • Preparation of tailor-made solutions
  • Conducting market research

Save time and reduce cost on company setup

Product Registration and Finding Sales Channels

  • Registering products according to applicable regulations
  • Finding the right e-commerce partners and distributors

Trustworthy partners for clients within GoGlobal’s network

e-Commerce Store and Sales Channel Setup

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Setup of e-commerce stores
  • Hiring local employees, if necessary

Implementing marketing plans quickly

Handling Import and Logistics Fulfillment

  • Importing goods
  • Managing customs declarations and logistics
  • Signing local contracts
  • Handling logistics fulfillment

Leave administrative and tedious tasks to GoGlobal

Local Compliance

  • Collecting payments
  • Completing local tax filings
  • Repatriating profits

GoGlobal handles the compliance so you can focus on your business

Start Selling in China

Quickly navigate laws and regulations to bring your product to the lucrative Chinese market.

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Products Imported and Exported Using Our Infrastructure

Food and Alcohol
Machinery and Electronic Devices
Software and Services
Medical Devices
Fashion and Beauty
Consumer Goods

Use Case Example

How We Work with Importing and Exporting Clients

A Japanese company producing beauty oil wanted to test the market by selling to Chinese customers on the Tmall platform.

Challenges included the 6 – 18 months required to set up an entity in China, the learning curve required to set up a Tmall store, and understanding the total investment required.

Importer/Exporter of Record Solution

  • Found a local Tmall partner
  • Conducted market research, product registration, and setup of the Tmall store
  • Managed importing, customs declaration, warehousing and logistics
  • Provided compliant accounting services
  • Offered the option to set up a Chinese entity 

Move at the speed of international business transactions.

Protect your people and operations, too. An EOR gives you the confidence to hire, transfer, and manage international staff before, during, and after an international business transaction.

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