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Jean Francois

Director, Sales

As a Director based in the United States, Jean’s primary charge is in the sales and business development function, creatively growing and retaining GoGlobal’s customer base around the world. He works strategically with customers and suppliers to customize growth opportunities and develop new business lines and offerings.

Jean began his professional career as an elementary school teacher for four years, where he mastered the virtue of patience. Prior to joining GoGlobal, he spent 15 years in project management and business development within the staffing and HR industry, first with Workforce Logiq and most recently with iWorkGlobal. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Central Florida.

Outside of work, Jean enjoys bowling, mini golf and eating. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, he enjoys a lot of different foods with Caribbean and Japanese cuisine being his favorites. Jean is fond of community service and promotes the worthy causes of alleviating homelessness and supporting underprivileged youth. If he could have one superpower, Jean says it would be supersonic speed so he could accomplish much good in the world and still spend time with loved ones.

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