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Neil Crooke

Senior Manager, Account Management

As a Senior Manager based in the United Kingdom, Neil focuses on account management for GoGlobal’s client base. He offers outstanding interpersonal skills and brings extensive experience in customer success management, business process development, service delivery, project management and finance.

Neil’s professional background began in international banking, having worked for a Dutch bank (ABN AMRO) a UK bank (NatWest) and a German bank (Hamburg Commercial Bank, formerly HSH Nordbank). He predominantly served in support roles to Money Market/FX/Derivatives trading teams and in project management. He began working in the EOR environment in 2015, focusing primarily on the European market.

Away from work, Neil’s favorite hobby is eating. He loves trying new food but is particularly partial to Indian cuisine. Lucky for him, his home city of Birmingham is the world capital of Indian food, outside of India of course. According to Neil, if he could be granted one superpower, it would be to erase the lines from maps and have everyone mix happily together.